Summer Educational Session at AUB

Summer educational session at AUB

          Last July, both the AUB and Hope foundation launched an educational program which extended to a full month.

«Collège des Frères-Deddeh» shared with 23 of its students who proved themselves as matured and qualified people. The program covered many important subjects that worked on building human personality and mental ability. The subjects varied from all kind of sciences, as solving world, economical and social problems. Students were asked to discuss those issues in rational and scientific ways in order to reach solutions.

The students and the instructors met three times a week. Inside the classes, very serious and fruitful discussions took place and, both sides, were deeply interested in exchanging ideas aiming to find solutions wherever they existed. They discussed the world’s critical problems, like hunger, sickness, wars and all dangerous aspects of life. In a month time, regardless the very hot weather we all suffered from, and the agony of traffic jam, I would confess that all the students were, at all time, very serious and ambitious to know more and to prove themselves to the best they could. The final day was a big rewarding day where 4 of our students got an outstanding certificates. This, in brief, is the very valuable and precious side of our school: we continue to be winners…

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